Monday, May 10, 2010

My Blessed Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day ever!! Friday night I was feeling a little blue and missing the kids, so Vaughn told me to go. He really didn't have to twist my arm, 5am Saturday morning, I was up and running. Hopped in my car and headed to Dallas.

I must say, I just don't know how anyone lives there. I will take my 35 mph Main St. (posted, but everyone goes 30) vs. 65 mph (posted, but everyone goes 80) Dallas Highways anytime. I have massive anxiety upon driving in big cities, I just don't understand the chaos. I am a quiet country girl and I enjoy quiet country driving. But anyway, I digress.

I picked up my babies on Saturday afternoon and we had so much fun! We picked up a friend for Juliet, her name is Annabelle. She's beautiful, but that's another post. We had dinner at Furr's, one of me and the kids' favorite places to eat together. We went the wrong direction and didn't get to our Furr's, but found one about the same distance away in the other direction. Then, we braved the highway and headed into Downtown Dallas and hit the Galleria.

The kids had never been to the Galleria. Unfortunately, we didn't have any time for shopping, we went straight to the ice skating rink. I must confess, I was a bit nervous...not the trepidatious that I was on the highway, mind you, just a bit nervous due to the fact that I had never strapped on a pair of blades before. Once I hit the ice, though, all those memories of high school and the skating rink came flooding back and I was transformed into another time and place.

Here, with my kids, in this comforting, nostalgic feeling, all was right with the world and we had such a great time! Here's a video I made from our experience:

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