Friday, May 7, 2010

Juliet's New Diggs

This is not a picture of Juliet's tote, but this is what I brought her home in. A 66 gallon plastic tote with a hole cut in it for the water bottle. When I got Juliet, I took her to the pet store she was purchased from and asked if this was an acceptable cage. He told me that it was what he sent most of his piggies home in. In researching proper piggie care on the internet, I found that this was actually not very healthy for her. It does not provide adequate ventilation or room for her to play in...which can lead to respiratory distress. So I found a site that had instructions for wonderful, inexpensive Cavy habitats.

I searched for the materials and found the grids on freecycle for free and the coroplast for $9 at a local sign shop. Here is Juliet's Castle: It's up off of the floor so that Dusty can't get to it and to provide storage for her things. I ran out of grids before I could make it exactly how I wanted it, but the rest will come. If anyone has some of these sitting around, I would sure appreciate them. I want to add to the top for Jazz as well.

This is the left side. On the second floor you can see her "kitchen" with her hay rack, water bottle and food dish. The little plastic tray under her hay rack is a litter pan, we are training her to use it and since they mostly poop when they eat, this is the best place for it. You can also see the switchback ramp in this picture, it is covered with towels for two reasons; 1) for traction, so she can go up and down it easier, and 2) to keep it clean. Oh, look there she is, peeking out of that piece of PVC. It's a cheap way to give her a play tunnel. It's nice and cool and cozy, she slept in there last night.

This is the right side of the cage, on the second floor is her snuggle bag. She was sleeping in it, but it misses her now. On the bottom you see a bird toy for her to play with, her hammock made out of a wash cloth, a piece of brick for her to climb on and her edible log that she chews on and climbs in.

There she is, coming out of her tunnel. She loves her new cage. When I took her out of the box and put her in here, she was so happy she started "popcorning". If you have never seen a Cavy do this, you are sooooo missing out. They do this happy little jump and spin thing and it just makes your heart happy. Eventually the floor of the cage will be towels and fleece for bedding. It is more sanitary and easier to clean up. If anyone has any old fleece blankets or a few yards of scrap fleece or some old ratty towels lying around that you don't want anymore, I would appreciate them. I know that when she gets her friend, they will love their home!! If you want to know more about this style of cage, great for guinea pigs (Cavies), rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets and hedgehogs, you can visit Guinea Pig Cages Home.


TheShermanFam said...

I think I might have some fleece for ya...I think I have some red and green. You can come by my house anytime, 208 Inverness. Just give me a heads up and I'll make sure I'm there. Email me or call 6760422(c) 3953527(h)

Anonymous said...

WOW! this cage is so cute it makes me want a 'piggie'! haha

You are SO creative! I love it. :)

Kaci Lusk said...

Thanks Stephanie! Em, I'll see you around 5!