Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friendship & A Thank You

Yesterday I went to a funeral for a woman who was like a mother to my husband. It was bittersweet. It was a blessing hearing about her salvation and baptism, reassurance that we would see her again one day, but it was sad to have to say goodbye for a while.

First, I want to say thank you to the First Baptist Church Adult II Sunday school class for pitching in with the meal. It was amazing. The love you showed this family was noticed by all! The family sends their sincerest thanks.

Next, I wanted to tell you about Sue and April. Sue and April were friends for 40 years, now separated by time, look forward to meeting again in Heaven. Sue read the most beautiful letter to her friend at the funeral yesterday, and it made me think that I don't want for my friends to have to die for them to hear how very much they mean to me.

A wise old man once told my dear husband that if you can say you have one true friend, than you have accomplished a great feat in life. I feel more than accomplished because I can count two. Two women who have been there through thick and thin, who have had to turn their heads at my great stupidities, and yet continue to love me anyway.

My dear friend, Sharon. I will never forget the funny way we met, although I have forgotten that boy's name, I am so thankful for that day. My dad doesn't seem to think you're such a bad influence anymore, and I'm so glad that I didn't listen to him, I would have missed out on such a friendship.

The love you've shown me is immeasurable and I am so blessed to have it. I heard this song the other day that just seems to sum it all up. It's called "Those Nights" by Skillet:

I remember when
We used to laugh
About nothing at all
It was better than going mad
From trying to solve all the problems we're going through
Forget 'em all
Cause on those nights we would stand and never fall
Together we faced it all
Remember when we'd

Stay up late and we'd talk all night
In a dark room lit by the TV light
Through all the hard times in my life
Those nights kept me alive

We'd listen to the radio play all night
Didn't want to go home to another fight
Through all the hard times in my life
Those nights kept me alive

I remember when
We used to drive
Anywhere but here
As long as we'd forget our lives
We were so young and confused that we didn't know
To laugh or cry
Those nights were ours
They will live and never die
Together we'd stand forever
Remember when we'd

Those nights belong to us
There's nothing wrong with us

I remember when
We used to laugh
And now I wish those nights would last

I miss you, I love you!

My Joce, Beanhead, Beanpole, my friend. If it weren't for you (and your mom's shoes) I wouldn't have walked the stage at graduation. You wrote to me in jail, one of the darkest hours of my life. You bought my son's very first outfit, the one he wore home from the hospital. You bought the teddy bear keychain that I've carried for over 10 years. You shared the pain of losing Katy with me.

You know exactly what W.O.W., LIFE and Mi Vida Loca mean, and how they came to be. You are a wild rose in every sense of the word...beautiful and free. I am so honored to be along for the ride (and, yes, I still think we need those matching tattoos). You know your song and every word to it and I pray that you know my love for you, my dear friend.

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