Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photos from our trip

Like I said yesterday, last week Conklin sent us on a trip to the National Convention in Branson and we stopped in OKC to visit our new granddaughter on the way. Here are some pictures from our trip:

Alexandria Nicole Lusk. Born January 14, 2010 at 7:27am. 4 lb 14 oz and 16 inches long!

Papa meets his new granddaughter

Papa and his girls

A picture that I took walking down Branson landing on our way back to the hotel. The night was just so beautiful that I couldn't resist.

Destiny chowing down on some popcorn that Papa put in her mug at the Circle B Chuckwagon in Branson

Destiny pretending to be embarrassed

Mean old Papa woke the princess up from her nap so that she could get dressed for the ball. We got that dress at a 2nd hand store called "Other Mothers" in Springfield, MO for $4!! It was awesome!

Nana and Destiny all dressed up for the Gala Banquet

Papa and Destiny on the way out the door

Destiny telling Papa and Don Benson how it really is

Papa and Don Benson having a wonderful talk. Don is really a great guy, thanks Don!

The snowstorm we ran into leaving OKC on our way home

Thank goodness for Sprint TV on my phone. This precious girl was DONE with being in the car but Handy Manny kept her entertained until the phone rang

Destiny meets Jazz

The very first of Destiny & Jazz' daily kisses