Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Physical Activity Update

The other day, as I was jogging, I texted my husband, "I'm gonna die!!!!" I love the little guy in this picture. I so relate to him. Last week I never did get to the place where I could do the entire 20 minutes all the way through, so I plan to continue on that this week. I'm going to do week one until I can complete it, then I will move on to week two.

I am working on finding a program that I can use to chop and merge mp3's to make my own mixes for running. That Christian music program that I found for c25k is indie music and not really my thing. I am hoping to find the program to merge some of the music I have, ya know, some tobyMac, some Barlow Girl, some Superchick. When I do, I will let you know. If you know of a program that will work, will you please let me know.

Okay, ten days down, ten days to go. I have lost 5 pounds and can almost get my dress zipped all the way up. What have I done to get here? I workout almost every day (yes, I count the 6 hours I spent mucking the corral and stalls as a workout). On the days that I don't run I use either Turbo Jam (so much fun) or the Dancing with the Stars workouts. I am also drinking my 64 ounces of water a day and watching what I eat. Oh, yeah, and a multi-vitamin and my Her Defense.

I also found this nifty program called Break Pal that has a widget that pops up on my computer every 30 minutes at work and reminds me to do some sort of exercise. If you click it, it opens the website which gives you video instructions of exercises you can do at your desk at work. Their premise is that if you do three minutes, ten times a day, your body gets just as much work as working out for a straight 30 minutes.

Now, the workouts I have chosen are fun for me and I have a goal in mind. My goal? Lose two pounds a week. That's the healthy rate that the doctors recommend. If I meet this goal, that's 36 pounds by summer. That, my friends, is a new swimsuit right there. That's my long term goal. My short term goals are one week at a time. Two pounds each week. I can celebrate two pounds. Just not with chocolate cake, hehehe.

Thanks for keeping me accountable, I appreciate the emails asking for an update. have a wonderful rest of the week, my dear friends.

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Elizabeth said...

Way to go Kaci. Keep it up. Remember 30 days makes a habit!! Don't give up. It is very much worth it. ;-)