Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homemade Christmas - Personalized Sanitizer

This is another easy, inexpensive and fun idea I got from my new friend, Amy, over at The Idea Room! I literally spent less than $2 and 10 minutes a piece on these and how cute are they??You simply go to Dollar Tree and buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and peel off the labels.

Then take this image to your photo editing software and add the name to the top
Print it out either on a transparency or take it to a local printing shop and have it copied onto a transparency with a laser printer. Then, cut it out with enough space at the bottom so it will stand up as tall as you need it to in your bottle.
Roll it up and stick it in the bottle.

Use the pump thingie (I know, very technical term there) to situate it in the bottle where you want it.

Then tie a pretty ribbon around it and you're done. Cute. Practical. Inexpensive.


Becky Dietz said...

VERY cute!! Wish I had a teacher to buy for.

Becky Dietz said...

Does the alcohol in the sanitizer tend to erase the ink?

Kaci Lusk said...

Not as long as you use a laser printer.

**Amy** said...

Kaci--Thanks so much for the shout-out and the link! Yours turned out great! They are so fun aren't they!

Kaci Lusk said...

Thanks Amy! They are!!! I had so much fun and my friends loved getting them as gifts. The lady that owns the print shop here and her staff loved them too.