Wednesday, September 2, 2009


UPDATE: As of 5pm, Dusty is doing better! She is drinking and acting like her normal self. If she eats tonight we will be back in business. Thanks so much for your prayers!!

I thought I had a picture of Dusty to go here, but I don't so you're gonna have to trust me that she's a beautful, sweet girl. Dusty is my darling beloved's Blue heeler/Australian Shepherd Mix. The American Cattle Dog Association calls that mix a Texas Heeler. Anyway, Dusty is a sick girl. A few nights ago she got sick, and was getting worse daily.

We took her to the vet yesterday, the vet couldn't really tell us much, except that she was dehydrated. She told us to force feed fluids and pray. She said she could hospitalize her and run tests which would quickly add up to at least $600, which we don't have. So we tried the fluids...yeah, no fun. Dusty fought that all the way. Then a friend of mine suggested subcutaneous fluids. Hey, I can handle that, no big deal. So I got an IV kit from the vet and we gave her SQ fluid (that means under the skin) a little here and there throughout the night. We also gave her a dose of Conklin Fastrack Jumpstart Gel (a probiotic).

This morning she seems to be doing better. She is up and wanting to play, she was drinking some water, and she urinated a little bit. Anyway, I ask you this because she just MUST get better. My little mother-in-law and my hubby would be devastated if something happened to this little dog. So, please, would you pray that she gets better quickly?

If I can pray for you, please let me know?

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