Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dusty Update

Here is a picture, its a couple of months old, but I just love this picture of her and I still don't have a working camera with a flash. Isn't she just precious?

Dusty is better!! She even went to work today. I don't think she could have handled one more day cooped up in the house. We gave her the SQ fluids and some Fastrack Equine Gel. Yes, they make a canine gel, but I didn't have any and she needed that good bacteria in her belly quickly! I have no doubt that it was that gel that sped up her recovery so much. Last night she was eating and drinking as if she had never been sick.

When I called the vet to get the fluids, she said that she was sure it was an underlying condition and that fluids wouldn't do any good. The doc expected her to be gone by now, she sure showed them didn't she!?

Anyway, this isn't a commercial for Fastrack, I am just so grateful to all of you who prayed for our pup and all of the kind emails. She is back to her old self today, thanks to you!

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