Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Boys!

Last night was the kick-off party for our church's A2S, or Adopt-A-Student. Where members of our church become adopted parents to the dorm dwelling students at our local college. This is Vaughn and my first time to participate.

When we signed up last week at church, we were not sure if we were ready, since our house is not quite done, but we prayed about it and God had just really pressed upon our hearts that this is what he wanted us to do. So we signed up. Thought it would be great to have a kid to reach out to. To be there for. To inspire. Hey, maybe, we might inspire someone, really.

Johnny's pretty much in charge of the college ministry I think, he emailed me and said that the best thing is to take two kids, that way you're not always trying to entertain them, they can entertain each other, teehee. So we got our two boys and we went to the party, eager to meet them. Here's a picture of my gorgeous husband at the party. He's watching the kids on the slip-n-slide.

We made a giant slip-n-slide out of old billboard vinyls. It was great. Here's one of our boys now. Kutter Anderson, a team roper from McLean, TX, coming off of the slip-n-slide now. You can tell he's a cowboy, look at his white legs.

Here's our other boy, Garret Reeves, his handwriting is hard to read and I forgot to ask him, but I think he's from Salado, TX, down by Waco. Garret's a Bronc Rider. I really like his necklace, something about turquoise and barbed wire.

Then, we found out that some of the boys didn't have parents yet. Well, Vaughn just couldn't have that, she he hunted Johnny down and added us as parents to this sweet boy too. Morgan Lane, a livestock judge from Allison, TX. This boy immediately texted his Momma and told her that he now has parents, it was so cute.

As if that wasn't enough, before we left we found out that there were at least two more boys who hadn't gotten adopted yet. Taco, a bull rider from Lake Charles, LA and Cord, not sure where he's from or what he does, but these two boys are ours now as well. We may very well end up with the entire FPC rodeo team before its all said and done, who knows.

What a blessing it is to be able to share our life and our home with these kids. Please help me pray that God will use us in their lives. If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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