Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Closer - More Before & Afters

I replaced the dark, hard to see, after pictures, with better quality, higher resolution pictures!

Well, friends, the time to move in is getting closer. I have a couple more before and after's to share with you today.

THE FRONT ROOM! I really love this room. You see, my house was built in the 1920's in Panhandle, TX as a line shack. It was later moved to Borger and set on top of the basement. In honor of the era in which the house was built, I decided to make the front room very antique. Including an armoire and radio left in the home by its previous owner.

The before pictures don't really do justice to the true before. Children had played in the house while it was empty, so it was a total mess. There was old carpet in this room and a broken wall furnace that we pulled out before the before pictures were taken. Also, the light fixtures are not in yet, so don't look at the ugly light bulbs hanging from the ceiling...but here ya go anyway:



This is the exact same point-of-view, the only difference is the door is open in the before picture. You can see in the before picture the whole in the wall, where we had removed the wall furnace and begun to cut in the doorway. Also, there is a window in the before picture that is gone in the after. All the windows on this side of the house were removed because there will eventually be a garage on that side of the house. Also, next to that chair is where the armoire will go, I haven't brought it in yet, it needs a little repair.

Here's the other side of the room:


Of course, the boxes on the floor next to the desk will go away, and I'm searching for the perfect chair to go there, but I just love this room!! God has provided us with every piece of furniture in this room, isn't that awesome!!??

Above the sofa is a plaque that I got from my friend for Christmas, it says "Come Lord, Jesus, be our guest. May our home by You be blessed." Its just wonderful. That will be my cross wall. All of my crosses will go there. Right now I have two to go there, both with significant meaning. It will be neat to get crosses from different places and display them there.

I am so blessed to have such a talented husband who can make this all come together. I can't wait for the fellowship and ministry that is going to happen in this room. Most importantly, I am blessed beyond measure by the Kingdom people who have helped this to happen.

Thank you all so very much. If I can pray for you, please, please, let me know.


TheShermanFam said...

Lookin' good!! I am sure you are just chompin' at the bit to get moved in! Soon!!!!

Kaci Lusk said...

Yeah, we're working on the bathroom this weekend. (You know what fun that is.) As soon as that is done we can move in. Still looking for appliances, but I know that will come. I can't wait!!