Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Best Dog a Boy Could Have

She came one day without a home
We welcomed her into ours
She loved that tiny little boy
She loved to ride in the car.

She slept under his crib at night
Protected him from the dark
She gave him peace and security
He gave her his heart.

He got taller, she stayed right there
Faithfully by his side
Loyally his companion she
Remained until the day she died

Ten years they walked together
A boy and his loving friend
She never once let him down
On her, he could depend

She held on, as long as she could
Waited for him to get home
Maybe she couldn’t go without him
Maybe she didn’t want to be alone

He came home and kissed her nose
He told her it was ok
With tears in his eyes my sweet boy
Lost his friend that day.

Thank you, Kamora, for teaching him love,
For being his faithful friend
For staying by his side, for keeping him safe
Until the very end.

K. Lusk 8/4/09

Kamora was the best dog a boy could ever have. She came to live with us one day when her previous owners no longer wanted her. The man she lived with was planning to poison her so that he wouldn't have to care for her any longer. Geoff brought her home and asked what I wanted to do. She walked over and laid under the crib of our sleeping infant son and it was all over. She became a little boy's dog that day.

I praise God every day for that dog and the way she taught him to love. There is a type of love that a little boy can only learn from the faithfulness of a good dog. She was truly his. She and Austin had a language all their own. He could tell her things that he couldn't tell anyone. They would play for hours in the backyard.

After ten years of faithful companionship, my son lost his friend Saturday night. The children had been with me for a month and went home to their father's house on Saturday. Kamora held on until her boy came home, then she allowed the end to come. She laid herself in the floor and no longer had the strength to get up.

My baby boy is hurting now, his heart is absolutely broken. Another lesson that sweet Kamora is teaching her boy: life does go on, love continues even in death, and he will love again. Thank you God, for bringing Kamora into our lives, into Austin's life, and for showing him that kind of unconditional love.

If I can pray for you today, please let me know.


Becky Dietz said...

So sweet and so sad. I'm praying for Austin.

Anonymous said...

Having just lost a furry friend of 17 years.. I know this pain so well. Keeping Austin in prayer..