Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Colorado Trip

This weekend, Vaughn and I had to go to Denver for a Conklin Conference. We took the opportunity to go through Colorado Springs and visit Vaughn's son Cody and his beautiful daughter Destiny. In every set of vacation photos I have, there is one of these. You would think he would learn to expect it.

I really like this picture. I don't know why. Something about the green plants and the train and the mountain. Oh, how I miss Colorado.

Here she is, my beautiful granddaughter, Destiny Marie. I got the idea for the background in this picture from Becky Higgins blog. We were in the bedroom and there was a blanket sitting on the floor, so I picked it up, tucked the top into a drawer that was taller than Miss Destiny and stood her in front of it. Made for such a sweet picture. She has her Papa's blue eyes!!! I thought they made me melt until they were attached to this sweet face. I was done for!

Papa was done for too. She has him totally wrapped around her tiny finger. All the ice cream he fed her at dinner proved it.

This is the Starbucks where we got coffee on Thursday morning. I so miss Starbucks. You see, when you live in a town with a total of four stoplights, you don't get Starbucks. You get Coffee Ranch. Don't get me wrong, the Ranch rocks, but its not Starbucks. Anyway, the fellow there on the right, with the curly blonde hair, he looked at me in total disbelief when I ordered in coff-ese in my cowboy boots and Texan accent. It was so funny. Not quite as funny as Vaughn's face when he heard me order a "Triple Grande Non-fat Six Pump Mocha". It was like he suddenly had no idea who I was. So funny.

These two ladies pretty much sum up the natives of Colorado. The one on the left is your typical short and hiking sandal wearing, granola eating, tree hugging very sweet, happy Coloradan. She had a pretty smile. The one on the right, well she was at Starbucks in her Denver Broncos PJ's. Nuff said.

This, well it is what it is, the sign welcoming all to Pike National Forest. A wonderful place. Home to Pike's Peak, all 14,110 feet above sea level!

This is the sign that lied to us and said it was open all the way to the Summit.

This picture here is for my Texan brothers and sisters. Pay attention now, this is something we don't have at home. This is a TREE! Several of them actually. They smell amazing!

This is the road up to the Summit. No pavement, just slick mud, right next to a 13,000 foot drop. Yay!! See those clouds right in front of us? There were clouds BELOW us!!!

Did I mention the 13,000 foot drop. Did I mention my severe fear of heights. Thus, this picture. This is where my hand stayed for the entire trip up the mountain and most of the way down.

My sweet man, no fear of heights.

This is the Ranger that pulled up just as Vaughn was filling our ice chest with snow. Told us there was a $5 for snow. He was nice, even though Vaughn complained to him that they shut off the road to the Summit right in front of the car in front of us. We got to go 18.5 of the 19 miles. It was cold up there, very cold.

A nice family up there asked us to take their picture and then returned the favor. I'm wearing Vaughn's sunglasses because the reflection off of the snow was killing my eyes. Also, you can't see it, but my ears are frozen! It was cold up there.

Some hippies from Manitou Springs. I really loved that little village. It was like stepping into a different world.

Shopping. We shopped for hours. It was fun. The bonus, I made it out of there and only spent $20. I was so proud!!! The most fun of it all, was this view of my sweet man. When I lagged behind because I was looking in windows, I got to see this. The rest of the time, he held my hand. He's so great, he holds my hand everywhere we go. He is the most wonderful man!

He would kill me if he knew I posted this picture. When he saw it he said, "What am I doing with my mouth?" This is at lunch, some little cafe/bar that we stopped into. We ate off of the appetizer menu and I was stuffed! Good food. Great day!

We also stopped in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame before heading out of the Springs, but didn't get to see much because they were closing. I am really thankful that we got to spend this time together. It was a much needed rest from the stress of trying to get our house ready.

The next two days were spent at the Radisson in Denver at the Eagle Summit Conference for the Conklin Company. I got to speak to a room full of millionaires about how to do a home party. It was so very cool. I was so very terrified! Don had to tell me to slow down. Anyway, I gave a good presentation and signed up someone while we were there. The last party I did made over $200, that could be $200 in your pocket. It doesn't matter where you live, if you want to do a Conklin party and make nearly $100 an hour, let me know, its so much fun (and you don't have to do anything but make a list of your friends)!

Vaughn and I had a great weekend. Now we're home and rested and back to the work of getting the house ready for the kids. They will be here in less than three weeks!! I can't wait. For those of you who asked, we will be having a housewarming party. I will let you know when.

Please pray for my friends Lisa and Aaron and their baby Carson. Carson is in the hospital with spiking temps and seizures. Have a great week and be sure to let me know if I can pray for you!

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