Friday, May 22, 2009

Before and (Almost) After

Okay, well here it is, getting closer. The house isn't finished, but getting so close I thought I would share some before and ALMOST afters.

This right here is the east wall of the front room. The windows on the north wall are still there, this is just a slightly different angle. When I do the final before and afters I will make sure to get as close to the original angle as I can.

This is the living room. The window right there on the west wall, its gone. We took all the windows out of the east side of the house because we will be adding a garage at some point in the future. See all that trash there? I didn't get to take before's before the work actually started, the WHOLE HOUSE looked worse than that when we bought it. It was empty for several years and local kids played in it. That's Tye, Sandi and Gunther in the picture there, some of my wonderful friends who came to help. Ember and Tina helped in there too, they just didn't make it in the picture.

This is the north wall of the kitchen. The doorway on the east wall is removed because it was right where the entertainment center will go in the living room and it was pretty redundant. We just didn't need it, so now, its gone. That looks like a door in front of Judy in the before picture but it was actually a door from another room leaning against the wall. Floyd came and painted the kitchen, and he doesn't know how much we appreciate that.

This is the south wall of the bedroom. Pay no attention to the hideous breaker box and wires in the after picture, it has a cover, but it was off last night when I was taking the picture because Robbie was wiring stairwell lights (Thank You!!). You'll either love this paint or hate it. Its about half and half right now. Tye calls it the lizard room, but I love it!

My house is really coming along, and none of it would be possible without our friends, thank you all so very much!! You mean the world to me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we couldn't help..but it looks GREAT!! I love the purple room!!!

Kaci Lusk said...

Thanks Holly, and thats ok. We had plenty of help.