Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have a mailbox!! I know to most people this is no big deal, but this is my very first mailbox. That is, its the first mailbox at the very first house that I ever owned!

The very best part about it, the very first mail that I got in my very first mailbox at my very first house (okay, I'll stop it) was my kids' school pictures. That was just the coolest thing I could have gotten.

In another house update, we get to start painting tomorrow. This is an exciting point for me, for many reasons. For one, Vaughn gets to rest. He has been busting his butt, I mean totally working his hiney off to get this house done. Second, I love to paint. Finally, and probably most important, it means we may very well be in there before the kids come. All we need is to find a fridge, stove and bed and we will be ready to move in.

If you don't know how important this is to me, let me try it this way. I MISS MY KIDS! I try not to talk about it much. I try to remember that God has things the way they are for a reason. But I must admit, going to church on Mother's day, seeing all the women with their kids, seeing all the ladies having the most wonderful Mother's Day ever, well honestly it bores a giant hole deep in my heart. I smile, I do everything I can to make it a wonderful day for those around me, but inside, my heart is positively crushed.

When my babies call and tell me "Happy Mother's Day!" oh, that, that is the highlight of my Mother's Day. That is the second that I wait for all day long. I am thankful for Angie, caring enough to make sure that the children let me know how much they love me on that day. It helps to know how much she cares for them.

The day is over now, but my heart to see my kids is all the more anxious. So I pour my heart into our house. I anxiously prepare and pray that all will be ready for their summer visit.

Austin and Bethanie, MOMMY LOVES YOU for always in all ways, to the moon and back, para siempre!

Thanks for letting me whine. If I can pray for you, let me know!

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