Monday, May 11, 2009

Update and Prayer Request

Both of the families in this post are close to my heart, so please understand if I cry a bit as I post.

Esther Joy Travis has gone to be with the Lord. Here is the email I received from Adam & Jennifer:

Esther entered into
the Joy of her Lord, from death unto life eternal at 4:25pm Saturday, May 9, 2009.

Touches of grace : (things Esther said over this last week)

1. 4-30-09 Thursday morning she woke up and wanted to eat Adam remembers that prayer, She was so grateful to eat! Daddy asked her if she had seen Jesus. Esther said YES and Adam asked when. Esther said,"While I was praying for my food I saw Him in my heart". Adam went on to ask if He said anything and she said, "He said I will be with you." Anxious that she was going to go Adam asked "Is he with you now?" She replied,"He is always in my heart Daddy! He said I WILL be with you." Adam is still laughing about how silly his question was. =)

2. 4-30-09 We were watching a movie but she wasn't really watching so I asked her what she was thinking about she replied" I was thinking about how special Jesus is". I said, Yes, He is special, what special thing where you thinking about? She said" How strong He is".

3. 5-3-09 Sunday Adam walked the kids over to Sunday school and came back to help me with Esther. When she realized he was back she said, "Daddy you can go". He explained he was staying to help me with her and I ask, do you want Daddy to go? Esther nodded and said "Yes, I want you to go teach the Indians about Jesus".

4. 5-3-09 That night we had taken her into the hospital for platelets and two red cell transfusions. She sat up with a smile and wanted to hug me I will always remember those little boney arms with her pick line brace squeezing my neck as she spoke the words I love you mommy for the last time.
I was headed to get her meds a little later and she muttered "Don't worry about me mommy, Jesus will be with me."

5. 5-8-09 For fun when Daddy wiped an eyelash off her cheek he asked what she wished for. Esther said (what we would later know was her real last conversation) "I wish to go to heaven".

6. 5-9-09 After a hard night and morning we were able at 2:30 to get her pain finally to subside. We fell asleep stretched out by her. The Lord sent a total stranger to wake us up (a man from Southwood Baptist Church, who said they had taken up a collection for us and had been praying for us) as Adam started to visit with him I realized Esther was taking her last few breathes. I called Adam he excused himself and we along with her two older siblings Jonathan and Deborah were able to be with her as she took her last. The Lord answered our prayer to both be with her as she passed on.

Viewing will be Monday at Freeman & Harris - (918) 749-3333, 3333 E. 41st, Tulsa, OK 74135.

The Funeral on Tuesday morning 10:00am at Southeast Baptist Church - (918) 836-6617, 1402 S. Memorial Dr. , Tulsa, OK. 74112

Please pray for this family. They have the strength of the Lord on their side, but please pray that he give them peace during this time.

Also, please pray for my friend, Lee Price. He is the brother of my boss and the Pastor that we went to visit in Colorado. He runs the homeless mission that we went to work at there in Newcastle and Glenwood Springs. Lee has not been well for some time now. He may have contracted a virus in Thailand a while back. All his lab work comes back normal, but he has fought and fought to get well, only to get worse. This morning, along with his wife and parents, he is traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Please lift this family and the doctors up in your prayers.

Thank you so much. If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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