Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks Geek Squad!

Okay, a little 3 years ago or so, Vaughn did some work for a friend of his. Friend knew Vaughn wanted a digital camera so as a token of appreciation Friend bought Vaughn this very nice camera.

January 2008, we went to visit Vaughn's son and very first (there I go with the very first's again) grandbaby. The camera decides its done. The lens won't extend and the camera won't come on. YAY! <---(sarcasm) Kodak says send us $133 and the camera and we'll fix it and send it back to you. Why, oh why did Hertner's have to close their repair shop??

So the camera sits. I get it out every now and then and take it apart, put it together, beg it, cry, yell at it, pray for it and it decides its not having any of that. Stupid, stubborn camera.

So the other day, I decide to call Geek Squad, see if they can fix it for cheaper. The guy says, "Okay let's see exactly what it's doing, press the power button for me?"

VOILA! the thing comes on. That was three days ago, it works. I even took video of Jazz with it (posted on Jazz'
blog). That was three days ago. After 15 months of not working, it is now working great!

Of course the Geek Squad guy says that that model has this problem and if it happens again it would be better to just buy a new camera. But anyway, for now, it is working...YAY Geek Squad!!

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