Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SIX kids, one good picture?

Is it possible to take a good picture when you're dealing with SIX kids??? I was very optimistic until I actually tried. Photographers, the good ones, that can make 6 kids all look atthe camera and smile at once...you are my new heroes!!!

Take one:

Boy, must you have your finger in your nose???

Take two:
This one would atcually be awesome if William had decided to be a part of the group and sit with his sibs and cousins.

Eyes closed, nuff said...

That's my child, the boy in the back. Is he sneezing? Nope, just being silly.

This is going to have to be the one, after TEN tries, this is the best one I have, the very first picture ever with my sister's four kiddos and my two, I LOVE it!! Six ice cream and dirt covered munchkins that all belong to me in one way or another.

The theme from the Patty Duke Show pops into one's head when they see these two. The best quote of the day was when my sweet neice (on the left) said to her mother and I, "Oh yeah, ya'll used to be sisters." Yes, child, we used to be, now we're just Mommies.

My sister and her sweet William, one of her twins, who at this moment (to his father's dismay) loves the color pink and is just the cuddliest kid I've ever met. His brother, on the other hand, is Shakespeare in toddler clothes, the boy is all charisma. I can't wait to see what he becomes.

Ahhhh, the sweetest picture of the day. My baby girl snapped this as I comforted cuddle bunny, aka William, after his horrible mean terrible Mommy abandoned him with his Aunt Kaci so she could grab five minutes without kids and run to the Wal-Mart. Heaven, pure heaven, hugs from babies are the best thing ever!!!

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