Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Memory

Solomon Lusk

Yesterday morning, we lost our boy Solomon. Thank you to everyone who has responded to me already. Thank you for your love and for your prayers and for your concern. Vaughn & I still hurt, but we know that God will heal our hurt in time. Enjoy the slide show of our beautiful boy.


TheShermanFam said...


Kaci Lusk said...

I wanted to share some of the great words of encouragement that came to my email:

Marvel tells me that you are also a Sister in the Lord so I know that my prayers for you will be answered. I'm so very sorry for your loss of little Solomon and I'm so sorry that Vaughn has such a heavy heart through all of this, also. I know there is really nothing that can ease that horrible pain and that terrible emptiness right now. However, as you do begin to heal, come back to all the prayers and good wishes sent to you and I do believe that you will find strength in all those that the Lord sent to come alongside you through these hard times. The greatest joy that you will have to hang onto is that you gave that Darling Boy the very best life possible while he was on this earth. When you think of all the terrors that our sweet pitties can face in this world, it is such an honor when we are allowed to give love and comfort to the ones we are blessed with. I know that you would give anything to change those few minutes that brought about this accident, but that's the key to all of this - it was an accident and for whatever reason, Solomon had completed his work on this earth, even though it was way, way too early for you. That's the hardest part of giving our hearts to our 4-legged children in fur - it is always too early to allow them to return to God, but we have no choice.

You will be in my prayers because I do know too well how hard these next several weeks are going to be. Even 3 years after saying, "Farewell," to my Darling Bekah, I still have a huge cry at least once every 10 days and it's not that I don't love Sweet Phoebe completely - they are each such wonderful individuals. And, even though I know she is safe, healthy and happy with the Lord, my heart misses her in my daily life. I am so sorry that you are facing that same pain and loss, but I can only tell you that your best salve is in taking your pain to the Lord and pouring your heart out.

God Bless & Keep you and yours - we await that day when we will be present with the Lord and reunited with those we love and have gone ahead! But until we are called, we have to be about our Father's work. May each day bring a measure of healing and renewed strength.

Shauna Russ
Phoebe Amanda PSD, my God-given Happy Pill!
Bekah Sue PSD retired: at the Bridge - always in my heart, until we are reunited!

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Kaci Lusk said...

And more:

Hi Kaci ~ This is Toni with Mariah's Promise in Colorado. Shauna shared your loss with me (and several others) about Solomon. There are no words that can help with the pain and sorrow you are feeling ... know that there are many prayers for your family going up to the Father to heal the wounds that only He can touch in your heart. I'm just so sorry - what a handsome boy!! May God console you and grant you His Peace that passes understanding.

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Kaci Lusk said...

The love keeps pouring in, thank you God, for putting people around us who love us so much!

I do not know you, but we email some of the same folks. Shauna Russ sent this to me from Marvel. I just wanted to send my condolences. I have a 13 year old Pit Bull myself & I can imagine how much you loved your boy. I saw a pic of him & he was a beautiful boy. I am so sorry for your loss.

Marie Vaughn