Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365

Okay, so today I begin Project 365, a picture everyday of just whatever. Here is my picture for today:

My picture today is actually a picture of this blog. Today was a very difficult day for me. We lost our precious boy Solomon yesterday in a tragic accident. I want to say thank you to everyone who called and commented and emailed. It means the world to me that God has surrounded us with His love in the form of some great Kingdom people.

To my friends in Paws N' Claws, thank you, Sawyer, Cathy, Marvel, all of you, thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude through this hard time. Cathy, thank you for talking to me as I drove to the barn. Sawyer, I know who will cry with me, thank you for your love.

I even made some new friends through this, Shauna Russ and her service dog, a beautiful pit named Phoebe. Marie Vaughn, a proud pit momma in Hot Springs, AR. And Toni Phillips from Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary in CO. These sweet ladies spoke some wonderful words of God's promises to me. Thanks girls!

For now, we are sad. Our boy is gone. Today, I stayed busy, tried to keep my mind off of it all. Then tonight, as we sat watching movies, I fell apart, I just started crying. Vaughn looked at me and asked what was wrong and that opened the floodgate. I fell into tiny pieces, just crying so hard. He held me and we both cried. I know that the hurt will not last forever, God promises us in Psalm 30:5 "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

And I know that one day soon, my words will be that of Psalm 30: 11-12 "Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever."

If you're wondering what Project 365 is, check out Becky Higgins' site listed in my blog list.

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ShaunaRuss said...

Dear Kaci, thank you for the kind words. It certainly shows the type of person you are to mention others when you are dealing with so much pain of your own. I cried with you when I read your notes from last night. Our 4-legged little ones are with us for too short a time, but they capture our hearts so quickly. Even though it's so painful when we do say farewell, I would not forgo one second of the heartache when it would mean losing the memories and the love that each of them bring to our lives.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of Solomon with us - he is sooooo very HANDSOME! And, those eyes - they just seem to say, "Sit down and tell me anything that is on your heart." However, I've found that to be true so often in the expressions of my pitties - they can go from clown to therapist in a second!

And, thank you for promoting Project 365! I just came back here from Becky's Blog where I read all the notes about Project 365 and took a look at the kit. I am amazed at the wonderful ideas that people come up with! I'm okay at following others, but always amazed at the original, inventive ideas others produce!

You provided wonderful Scriptural concepts here as to how God's peace and healing works in our lives and I appreciate that for everyone who visits this blog. I will continue to pray for you and Vaughn as the healing continues. We are so blessed with God's mercy and compassion and His mercy in bringing other Brother's and Sisters into our lives!