Monday, December 29, 2008

Scrappers, Bloggers, Listen Up!!

I know that some of you ladies out there are scrappers, bloggers, or both! I found the neatest idea, its called Project 365. I have added Becky Higgins' blog to my link list (left hand side of the blog) and although I have just found her this morning, this sounds like a neat little project. I plan to try Project 365 on my blog...I can't give up actual scrapbooking, so this way I can do both.

I plan to try to take a picture a day, of just anything, and share on my blog.

Also something else I found on Becky's website, its called
bloggled. Its free and backs up your blog for you. That way, if you accidentally delete something, there it is. Also, coming soon, blog to book. You can publish a book from your blog. So think of it, you blog all year long, maybe try the Project 365 thing, then, at the end of the year you publish it...Voila!! Instant scrapbook! BONUS!!

So anyway, I plan to start Project 365 on my blog on January 1st!

I pray you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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