Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictures, as promised

Well, God has truly blessed us. Vaughn's been looking at this house across the street from his mom for over 4 years. I asked about it 2 years ago. We have stayed faithful to pray about it and finally God has graced us with the blessing.

The family that owns the home has been praying for someone who would want it. It has been in their family since it was built in 1920. We hope to close on the house soon.

It needs some work right now, but is structurally sound and doesn't look like it will take a whole lot to get up and going. Some friends from church have already offered to help with the project. We hope to be in it by Spring Break, God willing, maybe sooner.

Please pray for us in this endeavor, that we continue to seek God's face in it and through it. Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support. And in the spring, when I am planting the prayer garden, please come and spend some time with us, share with us how God has blessed you so that we may be blessed through it. Let us know if we can pray for you!

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