Monday, July 7, 2008


We just got back from our very first family vacation. Camping on Possum Kingdom Lake. It was absolutely wonderful!

Monday Vaughn, myself, Solomon & Nay-Nay headed out of town around 5:30am. The beginning of the very first Lusk Family Vacation. For the first time in either of our adult lives, Vaughn and I took time off of work, time off of life and took an actual vacation.

We got to Euless about lunchtime and picked up the kids. They were so excited. We loaded up their things and headed out.

We got to the campsite in the early afternoon and were greeted by Gary & Cheri Dipprey, wonderful people and the proprieters of Rock Creek Camp. Gosh, here I am tearing up just thinking about it all. Anyways, Cheri was so sweet, and Gary even went and found us a couple of 2x4's so we could level out the camper. We were right off the water on two sides and not far from the shower house. This place was wonderful and the people so hospitable, we wouldn't stay anywhere else when we go back.

We swam, walked, played, and even rented a paddle boat. It was an amazing trip, full of family fun.

We stayed at the lake a few days and then took a trip down memory lane. Vaughn took us to Graham, where he lived when he was a kid. He showed us the house he lived in, the flower bed he built with his father, the elementary school he went to, and even the cellar across the alley where his dad carried him when a storm was coming. It was really a neat feeling getting to see the places that made him the man I love today. To get to be a part of his memories.

When we left Graham, we went to Haskell. I don't think anyone was prepared for what awaited us there. We went to Vaughn's brother's house, a beautiful home, filled with Vaughn's childhood memories. The house belonged to his grandparents. We visited with his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. We went to the cemetery and saw his father, granfather, grandmother and a couple of uncles graves. In this tiny little town, "Lusk" means something. It was truly a unique experience, seeing brothers reunite after 30 years. I'll post pictures soon!

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