Friday, October 13, 2006

I pray tonight finds you all so very blessed!

Wow, it seems like its been forever since I sat at my desk and rambled. Two
weeks ago, I bade farewell to my home in Amarillo and made a new beginning
in Borger, and oh what a grand 2 weeks it has been. Back in the world, in a
secular job and on my own, in a place far from my comfort zone, new
experiences daily. A friend of mine asked me the other day of this change,
How do you know that it was God that told you to do this? How do you know
when He speaks that its His voice talking?" Other than the fact that I
received more than enough confirmation from God's word and the body of
Christ (the believers around me), I know His voice because I have made it a
point to get to know HIM.

One of my most favorite comedians, a Christian comedian named Mike Warnke,
put it very simply when he stated, "When a teller goes to work for a bank,
they don't learn to spot a counterfeit by studying fake money. They become
so familiar with the real thing that they can automatically spot a fake when
its handed to them." SO you study the real thing until you know it so well
that a fake stands out without question. If you talk with God every day, you
learn what His voice sounds like and when you hear it, you know that its Him

When my Daddy calls me on the telephone he doesn't have to say "Its me, your
dad." I know his voice. So shouldn't it be the same way with our heavenly
Father? Our Father in heaven wants for us to know Him so well that when He
speaks to us we know without a doubt that its His voice on the other end of
the line. He wants for us to talk with Him daily. He is constantly talking
with us. Guiding us. If you don't hear His voice, its not because He is not
there, it is because either you are not listening or you don't know his
voice well enough to recognize it. He loves you and wants to lead you. Let
yourself come to know the voice of your Father so He can light your way.

When I start my day in communication with my Father, I know I will hear Him
when He tells me what I should do with that day. When I let His voice guide
me, then I can lie myself in bed at night, thankful that I spent that day
with Him. How do I know that God told me to do this? Because I know His
voice. I listened to what He has told me to do and He has surely blessed me
in it. I am so thankful for all my new friends, and for all the many
blessings the Lord has granted me this week.

I love you all and if I can pray for you, please let me know.

Kaci M. Boggs

~Talking to Christ about others gives us the passion to talk to others about
Christ! (Author Unknown)

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