Saturday, October 21, 2006

I pray this chilly afternoon finds you blessed!

A friend of mine blesses me with each of her emails. She writes, telling of
awful situations, asking for prayer, and then lists ten blessings. She
reminds me of Romans 12:12 which says for us to be "rejoicing in hope,
patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer." No matter how dark my
friends world may seem, she brightens the darkness by seeking God's Light,
by reminding herself of the blessings He has bestowed upon her.

My Pastor has been talking lately about Faith, his timing appropriate, as I
feel like every step I've made the last few months has been made only by
faith. Proverbs 16:9 says "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD
directeth his steps." When I finally learned to let God direct my steps and
stop doing things Kaci's way, the blessings began to rain down on me. It was
scary at first, stepping out in faith. But it was only scary because I let
myself fear the unknown instead of trusting that my Father would be there
every step of the way leading, guiding and directing. I had no reason to
fear, look at how He has provided for me time and time and time again.
Blessing upon blessing as long as I allow Him to guide my way.

In Girl Scouts, when I was a little girl, we played a game. It was a game
of trust, we've all seen it at some point. You pair off and one person
stands in front of the other. You close your eyes, cross your arms over your
chest, and fall backward...trusting that your partner would catch you when
you fall. I trusted my partner...I hit the floor. She was too busy chatting
with the girl next to her and my trust was for naught.

Stepping out in faith is like that game, only one difference....your partner
will NEVER let you hit the floor. If you take every step in faith, never
wavering, never doubting, you cannot misstep. All you have to do is trust
Him. God will never be too busy to catch you when you fall. We all will
stumble, but He will always be there.

Will you trust Him today? Will you let Him light the way for you?

If you need prayer today, please let me know. I love you!

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