Sunday, September 10, 2006

I pray that each of you have been as blessed this week as I have.

I have been busy with preparation for moving, cleaning, packing and the sort
not wanting to save anything for the last minute. Knowing the more
organized I can be, the easier the move will go. I spent today going through
boxes from the last couple of moves, that have been packed away and never
opened. Makes me think about all the things we hold onto in our lives that
we don't really use. There's nothing like a move to get us some much need

How many of us have unopened boxes in our hearts that need to be gone
through and thrown out. The Word tells us in Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a
clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me." God wants us to
come to Him in a way so that we can stand tall before Him. We we seek His
gentle guiding hand or his forever forgiving spirit, He wants us to come to
Him completely, not clinging desperately to something from our past that He
has asked us to let go of. Some of us hold abuse in our closet, abuse long
past that we cannot change, we cannot take back and we cannot do anything
about, God asks us to throw that away. Some of us hold regret, or painful
past experiences, not willing to forgive ourselves and let go...again, God
wants us to throw these away. When we lay something at God's feet, we are to
leave it there.

Tomorrow is September 11th. We all can remember where we were on that day
and will probably never forget. I was 7 and a half months pregnant with
Bethanie. I was at home getting ready for work when the first plane hit, it
was just an accident, they said. I took Austin to daycare and by the time I
got to work, the tragic news was rampant. A second plane hit, it was
terrorists, it was planned, no one really knew, all we knew was it was ugly.
The radio stayed on all day. The clinic I worked at was eerily quiet, even
though the halls were full as usual. Because of my pregnancy and the
complications I had been having, I was sent home early around noon. I spent
days sobbing, asking myself how I could bring a child into a world where
this can happen. It got to a point in the days after the attack that I had
to turn off the TV set, as I couldn't stop weeping. Then it happened. People
united, turning to God, worked together, prayed together, sought God's face
together. This, was the kind of world I wanted my baby to know. A world
where, when all seems lost, when tragedy strikes, we turn to God. We seek
His face and His guidance.

We can hold on to the terror or we can celebrate the coming together. We can
let the clutter of those horrible images fill our minds or we can praise Him
for all He has done through that and since then, and all that we have to be
thankful for. We will NEVER forgot those who lost their lives that day, but
we cannot allow their deaths to be in vain, we must seek the Father who
knows all. We must let Him get the glory and ask how He can use this. Don't
let anger and rage clutter your mind. Seek Him, ask Him "Lord, how can we
use the memory of this tragedy to best serve you?"

Clean out that closet in your mind today, get rid of all the junk that is
cluttering your mind, keeping you from that perfect fellowship with the
Father. Go to the Lord today and ask Him, "Create in me a clean heart, O God
and renew a right spirit within me."

God bless you today, and if I can pray for you, please let me know.
Kaci M. Boggs

~Talking to Christ about others gives us the passion to talk to others about
Christ! (Author Unknown)

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