Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Good morning to you, I pray that this week finds you blessed!

This morning, as always, I was invited to sit and enjoy refreshments with
the ladies' Morning Circle group. I was asked to run the DVD player for this
morning's presentation, a short presentation from Franklin Graham on his
project Operation Christmas Child. I learned a lot about this program last
year as I researched it for the church newsletter. But actually seeing the
video left me in tears. These children, who have so little, so overjoyed by
gifts so small that they fit inside a shoebox. The smiles and tears on their
faces as they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Tiny hands folded in
prayer, thanking God for the person they don't know who thought enough to
pack a single box to make their Christmas bright.

Through my tears this morning, I realized we can't all run to the nearest
warehouse and donate our time. But what can we do? Not just for this project
but for mission projects all over the world, in our home churches, in our
lives...we can do something powerful and wonderful. PRAY! Our missionaries
and volunteers in the mission fields need us. They need our daily support.
They need for us to remember them when we go to our Lord in prayer.

We can also help financially. When a missionary stands in front of the
church, or when the missions coordinator comes to you and says, "This
missionary and their group needs help." Take the time to go to the Lord in
prayer and ask Him how much he would have you to give. No matter what it is,
the Father will tell you how much He wishes of you, be obedient, give
lovingly. Remember, it might only be September, but the gift of love you
give today, might offer the hope of salvation to an otherwise lost soul come
Christmas morning...or any morning. $5, $10 or $20 given to a missionary
might just reach countless souls for our King.

Mission work really speaks to my heart, I have felt God's voice calling me
to missions since I was a young girl. After my first trip to Old Mexico, I
knew then and there that God could and would use me if I follow Him. Open
your hearts when you hear someone speaking on missions, listen for God's
voice, let Him guide you and when He tells you what He wants you to do, be
it your time, your money or your prayers, I pray you will say in the words
of Isaiah 6:8, "Then said I, Here am I; send me." Will you be ready to go
where He sends? We can't all be missionaries, but we CAN support them.

God bless you today! If I can pray for you, please let me know.

Kaci M. Boggs

~Talking to Christ about others gives us the passion to talk to others about
Christ! (Author Unknown)

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