Thursday, September 7, 2006

Every time I talk to my son on the phone, its pretty much the same thing, "I
had a good day in school, made some new friends, got on all greens, I love
you, sleep tight, talk to you soon." He's quite the conversationalist, as
you can tell. When I talk to my daughter however, it is quite different.
That little girl loves to use her imagination, as I have said before, she
usually starts the conversation with, "Okay, let's tell princess stories."

Little girls love to imagine themselves as princesses, they daydream of
far-off castles in make-believe lands, where every day is sunny and you have
cake and soda for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, as adults, we
still long for that dream. We drift off into fantasy hoping for that White
Knight to ride in on His noble steed and ride off with us into the sunset.

Being a Christian is like living that dream. Only, our White Knight HAS
ridden in; however, He rode in on a donkey, not a stallion. He came quietly
on a dark night and was born in a manger. We are all princes and princesses
when we make Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and KING! One precious day we
will have that castle, that mansion in Heaven that He has gone ahead to
prepare for us.

Remind yourself today that you are royalty, that your Father is the King of
all Kings and share it with someone. Share the Good News with someone you
know, maybe, just maybe they wanted to be a prince or a princess once too!


I also need to share a bit of information with you all. I must now take a
giant step of faith. I am leaving Amarillo. As Stormie Omartian says, I am
leaving Egypt (what is comfortable and safe for me) and going out into the
wilderness (the unknown). As a princess of the King, I have to do what the
King says, and even though it is out of my comfort zone, even though it is
scary, I know that His plans are better than mine and if I follow His plan,
something wonderful will be waiting for me. I am moving to Borger, TX at the
end of September.

I don't have any idea what God has planned for me in this small town, I know
it is a new job, a new house and a new church home. I have already made some
wonderful friends in Borger, people and a church who I know will be a
blessing to me as I continue to grow in my daily walk with the Lord. I do
not step into this decision for any reason, except that it is where God has
told me to go. I am stepping out blindly, in faith, knowing that as long as
I follow where He leads, I cannot go wrong. God has begun to provide me
with the things I need, my manna, two wonderful women, Kim and Shawna, who
have taken the time to talk with me, pray with me and for me and make me
feel very welcome...and He has already given me ministry opportunities, a
sweet lady who I have been able to share Christ's love with, whose heart He
is working on, who I can pray for every day.

Please pray for me in this new beginning, this journey of faith and learning
please pray that I continue to hold fast to the Father's hand and allow Him
to guide me each step of the way. Please, if there is any way I can pray for
you today, do not hesitate to let me know.

Kaci M. Boggs

~Talking to Christ about others gives us the passion to talk to others about
Christ! (Author Unknown)

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