Monday, May 2, 2011

Caring for Parents: Blessings in the Strangest Places

In caring for Mom, I have taken over her meals. This has been difficult for she and I both. She wants to eat junk all day and I want her to eat well. She wants to eat TV Dinners if she has to eat "food" but they are high in sodium, carbs and sugar.

You see, Mom has diabetes, CHF and COPD. So I have to limit her carbs, sugar and sodium. So finding meals that are easy to store, fix, and that meet her nutritional needs has proven difficult. Until now...

This weekend I was doing my weekly grocery trip and I had to get some baby wipes for the daycare. While in the baby aisle, I found Gerber Lil' Entrees for toddlers and Healthy Meals for preschoolers. I also found some cereal bars for toddlers and preschoolers there too. All of these are low in the important things and packed smack full of good stuff!! They come with an entree and a veggie. The portions are the perfect size for her and fit excellently on the toddler plate I use for her meals. I simply add a fruit cup in the remaining section and a cup of milk and she has a perfectly balanced meal!

The best thing...SHE LOVES THEM! They have tons of flavor and there are several different kinds so she's not eating the same thing every day. They also don't have to be frozen, saving room in the freezer and making storage easier.

If you try this and like it, call the 800 number for Gerber, they love getting compliments and finding out that their meals are great for more than just kids and they will send you some great coupons.

Just so you know, Gerber has no idea that I am posting this, I am just hoping to help someone out.

Have a great day!!