Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Dress: Shoes and Underwear Already???

In speaking with some experienced sewists (that's the new PC term for seamstress), I have learned a few things. When I make the dress form AND the muslin for my dress, I need to be wearing the same shoes and underclothes that I will be wearing with the dress. This helps to make the dress fit exactly right. Insert huge sigh and what-have-I-gotten myself into face.

In learning and reading more and more about making a wedding dress, I am again having strange dreams about the actual dress construction, not really the wedding. I dreamed again that the sleeve came unraveled. Why am I worried about the sleeves? I tried to find the Susan Khalje book Bridal Coture: Fine Sewing Techniques for Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear but it's $90 used, the cheapest place I could find it. I am a member of a GREAT sewing message board, though, and the ladies there are helping me as much as possible.

So, I am on the search now for my shoes and undergarments. The shoes I am looking for are a pair of purple satin heels. Size 8, no straps, at least a 3 inch heel, open toe would be great. If you, my friends, readers, and wedding dress journeyers...could help me look?

Also something else I've decided...when I make the mock-up, I plan to make it out of a similarly weighted material to test the fit and then remove the train and give it to someone in need to wear from prom or a quinceaƱera.

Thanks for joining me. Hope you'll stick around. Any tips, hints or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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