Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Dress: A Huge Blessing

James tells us in the Bible that we have not because we ask not. So I asked. I am in an amazing online community of Childcare Providers who help each other out in so many ways every single day.

With my dress, I figured the lace alone was going to break my budget for fabric, so I asked for help. I asked if my friends in Providers Playground would help me out by looking at thrift stores and yard sales for a used wedding dress that I might use to make the lace foundation for the skirt of my dress.

I got an unexpected answer much quicker than I could have imagined. A beautiful woman, another home childcare provider, from Canada emailed me and said that her handmade wedding dress had been sitting in her closet for the last 28 years and that I can HAVE IT!!! Wow. She said, "Well, I always knew that some day I would meet someone who needed it., lol. I just didn't want to donate it to a shop, I wanted to know who was actually getting it."

I was literally in tears. She had two boys, so no daughter to pass it down to and has held onto it all these years waiting to bless someone. I get to be honored with the joy of receiving that blessing. How beautiful is that?

Thank you again, my friend, for blessing me this way. I can't wait to show you the finished product. I am having a custom tag made into a tiny pocket inside the dress, with my name and wedding date on it. The pocket will hold an embroidered handkerchief with message about the story of the dress for whomever it gets handed down to. They, too, will be able to add mementos to the pocket for the next wearer of the gown. You can bet that your name and generosity will be mentioned.

Some people never know how they've blessed others, but I get the honor of telling you thank you. You have blessed me!


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Your story of your wedding dress is more than perfect! May God bless you Texas Lady, in every way and during every day.