Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Denim Wedding Gown Rants, Raves, and Questions

Oh my, have I been getting some crazy emails. Not just from those critics that think my wedding is faux pas, but also by some serious denim gown critics.

Somehow some serious fashion critics have stumbled upon my humble little blog. These proclaimed "professionals" have made statements such as vomit, hillbilly, and Hee-Haw in reference to my planned wedding gown. I've been asked what my beloved thinks of my plans to wear a denim gown. I have been asked what my family thinks. Oh my, I have been asked if it is some sort of media stunt.

So here are answered questions. My sweet husband not only knows, but he will be wearing blue Wrangler jeans, a frock coat, wild rag, a cowboy hat and hopefully a pair of handmade boots. My family, as far as I know is on board. This is my day and as long as I am happy, they are happy. Media stunt? Ha! I will be lucky to have the 100 people I am planning on at my wedding, much less a media circus. No, I am not trying to get attention...I am simply planning the cowgirl wedding I have always dreamed of. This is Texas. I own horses and will soon own cattle. For both my husband and I, a day at work or night on the town almost always includes a pair of jeans and cowboy boots, so will my wedding day.

I am not a traditional girl, so why have a traditional wedding? This is my only wedding, it should mirror our unique personalities. It should resound with echoes of who we are. It should make people say, "Yup, that is so Vaughn and Kaci." Hillbilly, eh, probably not. Redneck, probably. Hee-Haw? Really? That might be a fun reception theme though *wink*. Vomit? That's a little harsh, don't you think. I saw pictures of some pretty crazy weddings in my research, but I would never speak harshly in referring to someone's dream wedding day. If you don't like it, it's simple, don't read my blog and you probably aren't invited to the ceremony anyway. If you do, thanks! If you're merely curious, follow along, the next 20 months will be full of wedding planning and information.


dfr2010 said...

Seriously? I thought it's a cute idea ... then again I did live in Texas for four years myself!

Elizabeth said...

Both Bobby and I think you deserve YOUR dream wedding and not anyone else's! You go girl...celebrate the joy that you & Vaughn have found!

Becky Dietz said...

LOL!!! I think it's so funny that people care to share their critiques when they don't even know you. And that's what matters--who you know, who knows you, and Who you know. Blessings on your year of preparation and your special day.

And I think it's hysterical that the word verification I have is "dissings." LOL!