Monday, March 28, 2011

My Dream Wedding - Second Chances - Daydreaming

This is so much fun. Having all this time to plan, not being in any rush and being able to take my time and take care of each detail. I think I've pretty much decided on exactly how I want my dress to look, and the general idea for the bridesmaids dresses.

Any of you who are following my dress planning ideas, remember that your street size is not the same size you will need in a pattern if you are sewing your own dress. Before you go shopping for patterns, take your measurements. (Here are some tips on that from Threads magazine.) Take the measurements with you and look in the back of a pattern catalog for your pattern size. Promise yourself, before you go, that you will not freak out, fall apart, or hyperventilate in the fabric store because your pattern size is several sizes bigger than your street size (especially if you are ample in the chest and/or hips). It will be okay, your dress will be beautiful, and you will be gorgeous and radiant on your big day.

I finally have it, in my head, the picture of my dress. It's kind of like when the traditional bride goes shopping for her gown...she tries on dress after dress until that one takes her breath away and leaves her standing in front of the mirror with tears streaming down her face. When you're making your gown and you find the right pattern or combination of patterns, and you can see the finished product in your mind's eye, you get the same feeling. So here I am, decided on my pattern, standing in front of the mirror in my mind, knowing that this, like my beloved, is the one. This is the dress that I will wear in front of God and my loved ones to pledge my love eternally to this man. This is the dress that will be available for my daughter and granddaughters to wear if they want it. This is the dress that I will make with my own hands.

I wish I could show you a picture, but that will have to wait until the big day. I will allow you in on the process, the making of the gown, but no one but my MOH's and my Mom will see my gown until my wedding day. I can't wait to see it finished. I can't wait to see his face when he sees it.

I wish you were here, Mom, to help me make this thing, but maybe I can drive up a few times and you can help me....I love you for believing that I can do this even if I am not always sure.

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