Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting ready to garden

Hooray, spring is within sight. Which is really good, I'm really tired of the cold. I've begun preparation. Before we know it, Easter will be here and it will be planting time!!!

So, I will be posting much about gardening soon. I will be showing you how I started my seeds indoors, preparing the flower and vegetable beds, and preparing the beds around the trees.

I would love to get some great sources in Borger or Amarillo for economical mulch, top soil and similar products.

I will be ordering my Feast (fertilizer) from Conklin soon as I have the good word from many farmers that this yields some of the very best blooms and produce in all of the free world.

I will be using aluminum flashing this year to edge my garden, with landscaping stones on one side and fill with mulch on the other to protect from the sharp edges. I will have a tutorial for this method soon, so that you can see what I've done, in case you also have problems with that pesky bermuda grass.

I've also started a yahoo group for gardeners in the Texas Panhandle. Would love to have you join us! Click the button below to visit our page:

Click to join Tx_Panhandle_Gardens

Click to join Tx_Panhandle_Gardens

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