Thursday, July 15, 2010

The World of Me

What's going on in the world of me? It's been a whirlwind of organizing, praying, learning, arranging, praying, form making, reorganizing, praying, building, list making, reorganizing, praying, praying and praying.

Since I left Farm Bureau, I have had full days and long lists. Trying to get this daycare/preschool open has been an adventure. We still have some small requirements for the house to be in compliance before inspection. The fenced in part of our yard needs another gate, the back porch needs ripped out and temporary steps built and temporary front steps must be built for the front door. Not a whole lot, but inspection is sometime in the next 21 days and my sweet husband is taking my son and the other boys from church to boys' camp next week. I'm trying my hardest to be "anxious about nothing". Please help me by praying about these things, just that I allow myself not to worry and trust that God will get them done in His timing. If you want to read more about what's going on in daycare-land, click the daycare blog button at the top of the page.

Also in the world of me: Miss Destiny, my beautiful granddaughter will be having her surgery soon. Finally, after all this waiting, all is in order for her to have her surgery. It is scary, but it is a HUGE HUGE blessing! It means she's one step closer to living a fuller, longer life. Please pray for the trip and the doctors at Children's Medical in Dallas. I'm not sure when exactly it is yet, but we will know sometime in the next few days.

More in my world: I hate my son's cellphone. I'm just sayin. This kid and his phone are about to drive me nuts. He's grounded from it today, so it's a good thing in the world of understanding privileges; however, he thinks he needs to be on it every five minutes and his mother has had to fight the urge to toss (correction - chunk) it out the window on more than one occasion. I'm glad he has it because it provides the ability to reach him when I need to (provided he answers) and it's great to be able to call him when he's at his dad's house. So it really is a blessing, but as with anything new, he's completely beset by this new gadget.

Last weekend in my world: If you've seen me on Borger and are too polite to ask about my scraped and bruised arm, here ya go. Last Saturday our family took a trip to Plum Creek Canyon with the horses. Despite a completely heinous morning, in the early afternoon we set out on the trail with my baby girl and I riding double. Long story short, we were on a horse so gentle that he feel asleep while he was walking. When he startled awake, he jumped and Bethanie and I went flying over his head. She scraped her nose and I got this lovely black and blue arm. I am so proud of Bethanie, though, she got right back up and rode back to camp. She loves to tell the story now of how she became a "real cowgirl" because as I always say, "You can't say you've ever really ridden unless you can say you've been thrown."

Well I guess that all for me in my world right now. What's going on in yours? If I can pray for you, please let me know??

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Elizabeth said...

I will be praying for you Kaci. I run every morning at 5:30 am so know that you will be lifted in prayer during that time!!! Love you.