Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just call me Ellie Mae....

Just call me Ellie Mae because I do love critters. This here is the newest addition to our little family, and her name is Juliet:

Juliet is an Abyssinian Guinea Pig, the Cavia porcellus, or Cavy for short and she is about 8 weeks old. She likes to check out Jazz' ball when he throws it on the floor.

She enjoys the snuggle bag that I made for her to cuddle in.

There she is peeking out

This afternoon we will be fashioning a custom hay feeder for her cage, I will post pics soon. I just can't bring myself to buy an expensive one...we have an $8 tote for a cage, which is awesome, so I can definately build my own hay feeder. I'm going to try to use the same principle as the hay feeders we make for the horses, just scale it down. Wait and see...

On a side note, before I go...thank you so very much for those who have shown your support and messaged me from the daycare blog. Its such a blessing to know that so many are praying for that ministry. If you want to join me over there, and can't find it, there is a daycare blog button at the top of the page, right below the header. Thanks for being such great friends!!

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