Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to share.

It started off with breakfast with my sweet husband at JT's. That's like our "thing". On Saturday morning, we go and eat breakfast at JT's. We visit with our friends, Mike and Cindy, the owners and give the wait staff a hard time, its tons of fun.

Then I went to Amarillo, got my eyes checked, visited with my cousin Serina and her dad, my Uncle Ron. Now, getting my eyes checked is not my most favorite thing in the world. You know how most people hate the dentist, that is how I feel about the optometrist. Its not the puff of air thing that most people hate, its that red light inside that machine...I detest that red light. It makes my eyes water, its actually making them water just talking about it. Also when the doctor says okay just look straight ahead and shines his little light into your eyeball. Are you serious??? Look straight ahead??? I can't keep my eyes open, look straight're crazy. Anyway, so that is done and I tried on glasses via picture mail with my hubby, who laughed at the faces I was making trying to take my own picture with my camera phone. Dork. I love you.

Then lunch and fellowship with my beautiful cousin, Serina, soon to be Mrs. Ryan Nelson. We talked wedding stuff, and life stuff, and even a little politics. Then we went to visit her dad. My Uncle Ron is a major Superman in my life. He has battled cancer once and won, he instilled every bit of self-confidence I have, and he has recently come to know and love the Lord and make some major changes in his life. I am SO proud of you, Uncle Ron! But anyway, he is once again battling cancer. Last week, his doctor told him he was done, that they were going to put him on home hospice and he would be gone within the month. But he's not done yet. He says that God is not done with him yet and that we all need to stop putting him in a box already. He's fighting the good fight and I admire that in him. His faith is immeasurable and I love him so much!!

The rest of the weekend was wonderful too, just hanging out with my hubs and having fun. We talked and laughed and visited my friend, Jocelyn, who gave me an excellent headstall and reigns for my birthday (yeah, I know, she so rocks, right). We went to Office Depot, which I love and found a great point and shoot camera on clearance for $40, only to get home and there was no camera in the box. I was devastated, but they are going to fix it today.

So that was my great weekend. I hope that yours was wonderful too. Please keep my uncle Ron and our family in your prayers.

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