Monday, January 18, 2010

Self-Esteem Makeover Challenge – Week 2 Day 1

I pray that this week finds you so very blessed and that Week 1 was a great week for you, as it was for me.

This week we are going to focus on a new goal. Our goal this week is to work on Changing Negative Behavior. We will set our goal small: change one negative behavior this week. Do you bite your nails, smoke, drink, cut or scar yourself, over-eat, or are you like me and avoid physical activity? There could be any number of other things too, some people are impulsive shoppers….whatever it is, make up your mind today what that is and come up with a game plan to work on it.

What is a game plan? Well, maybe your negative behavior is foul language. If so, then stick a rubber band on your wrist and pop it whenever you catch yourself saying a dirty word. If your behavior is nail biting, chew gum and put something nasty or hot on your nails. If your behavior is lack of physical activity like me, maybe you can join a gym or find a walking buddy or some other form of physical activity to get you up and going.

One of the keys to achieving a goal like this one is accountability. Find someone to hold you accountable. Ask a friend, a prayer partner, your spouse, your mom or a co-worker to ask you every few days how you’re doing and to call you on it if they catch you in your negative behavior.

My goal is to increase physical activity. I am going to try the C25K program. A program designed to take a couch potato like me and make them a 5K runner in 8 weeks. If you’re interested in a program like this, you can read more at

Your challenge today is to sit down and think, talk with God and decide what one negative behavior you need to work on. Don’t ask those whom you love, as we are still working on our self-esteem here and we don’t need someone giving us a list of things that are bad to bring us down. Come up with one thing and decide, make the conscious choice to change this behavior this week. Pray about it, ask for guidance and peace as you set out on this journey.

I am so proud of you for making the choice to take part in this program and take a step in loving yourself so that you can love others as Christ does.

Have a wonderful day!

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