Monday, December 14, 2009

Beore and after - Living room

"A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams." Ralph Waldo Emerson
All this time and I don't think I have posted ANY shots of the living room. This is the actual sit-down-and-watch-tv room, and it is open to the front room, which my grandma would have called "parlor" or "sitting room" (a place to greet or visit with guests without the informality of a living room). This room was a bedroom with a door opening to the kitchen and on opening to the hallway. We took out the door to the kitchen and opened up a huge (8 foot, I think) doorway to the front room, so they can be used as one room if necessary but the decor shows you that they are, in fact, two separate rooms. Eventually there will be doors here that can be closed to completely separate the two if situation calls for it.
Here's a straight on shot of the east wall.

Here you've got the west wall of the living room. Our comfy cozy sofa. I should have straightened the blanket and pillow from where Nay slept there last night (Nay is one of our dogs)and I should have removed the basket o' toys that are sitting here because Vaughn had to move them out of the basement because he has started working down there. Oh, and honestly, I have no idea why the Christmas basket is stacked on top of the Christmas bucket on the end table. I will investigate further. The ceiling fan is really cool, more about it in a minute.

The cowboy hats on the wall are actually our hats that we wear, just the ones we are not wearing right now. I had a very hard time finding just the right way to hang them without putting mean stickies on the wall, or mistreating the hat in some way. Then, as I was hunting through the hardware store, I found them...soft, screw on door stops. I will post about them very soon.

Here is just another view of the west and north walls. I don't have a before to go with this, as it was just a simple white wall.

For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of the south wall. Also I didn't get the ceiling fan. I really like my fan. Here is a picture from Lowes' website. Except we have the oak finish blades instead of the cherry. I am so thankful to have this beautiful home, and to have had the chance to build it together with my husband and children.

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