Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Uncle Ron

Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who will lift this up in prayer. The man in the picture is my Uncle Ron (the woman is his wife Becky). My Uncle Ron recently came to know Christ after beating lung cancer. My Uncle Ron has two daughters and a brand new grandson as well as children from a previous marriage. My cousin Serina, would like nothing but for her Daddy to walk her down the aisle. Uncle Ron has been leaning on God to beat this cancer and his faith is amazing but I got this email a little bit ago

"He went to see about gettin his chemo device removed from his chest about 2 weeks ago, and that woulda been the end of it all, no more treatments and all that stuff. Well they x-ray him regularly, and when they did it this last final time, they found another spot on his lung, and on his brain. So, the device stays put, and he had a biopsy last monday, and the results came in this past weekend, and it is not curable, and it is not operable. So.... that's where we are now. They gave him 8-18 months. He is off duty on long term disability, he is taking radiation for his brain, and more chemo for his lungs. The spot on his brain should have never ever happened... but, somehow it did.

But.... he was told all this the first time too. And they gave him less time as well. SO, we're not giving up. We are fighting as long as he is fighting, and we are just praying out the wazoo. God does not do halfway jobs, and He did good the first time, He can do great the second time!! My dad isn't changin his plans, cuz he said he has too much left to do. Of course, he's realistic, and taking care of things, but he's not gonna quit. We still don't know exactly what type the cancer is, besides it's a "new type", which again, they said that the first time. We don't know details about this cancer yet, and I'll let you know when we do know.

He's sick, but he is relying on The Healer!! It's hard, and I'm scared..... but if he's fighting, then so am I. And I have to keep my faith, and be stronger than the first time. I'm trying to get as much prayer going out there as possible. more than last time. so have them spread it too!! Like I said, if the photo helps.... they can have it. As long as God is working, it's worth it!!! I told him all I want, the ONLY thing I want him to do.... is be there with me at my wedding. So... I told him he's just not allowed to give up, and after my wedding, I'll give him another reason. lol. But, he agreed.... so I have that promise, and God's promise, and that's all I need!!! We can do this!!! Pray it up, so it can come rainin down!!"

As you can see by her message, my cousin is a strong woman! She comes from strong stock. This man, my uncle, he gave me strength, he gave me confidence. Please help us, please intercede with us and go to his blog and leave a comment. We're trying to get 5000 comments to show him he is being COVERED in prayer! Click here to go to Ron's Prayer Page If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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