Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kitchen Floor - Poly First Coat

Okay, the next step on the floors after scraping, sanding, cleaning and staining is POLYURETHANE. This is the last step! After this, my floors will be finished.

Now some will argue over how many coats of poly you need. We've used two for now. In a few months, we may regret that because some people say you need as many as eight. I will let you know if in a few months, our two was not enough.

We used Minwax, Semi-Gloss

First, you take a decent paint brush and brush on the poly around the edges and under small places, such as the cabinets here
Don't use a cheap horsehair brush for this, you don't want the bristles falling out into your poly.

Then you use a lambswool pad like this to mop the poly onto the floor

Some folks don't like the lambswool because it leaves small hairs in the poly. They see that and they panic. They go back to the paintbrush and spend hours brushing poly onto the floor. Don't worry about the hairs, when you're totally done with the poly, you can't see them.

Here's the floor after first coat of poly

Tonight we will sand and 2nd coat. Some folks come back with subsequent coats immediately. Read the can of poly that you get. Some of them you can come right back within an hour and re-coat. The stuff we can get here, says wait 24 hours. Be sure to follow the instructions, you don't want the poly to start flaking off in a few weeks.

I'll have the next steps posted soon and by Tuesday I will be moving things into my kitchen!!!


Becky Dietz said...

We're anxious for you to get to move in!! I know you're more anxious!!!

Sandi C said...

LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure you are bouncing off the walls to get moved in there!!!!
Hollar if you need strong boys~ I'll send mine!

Kaci Lusk said...

Thanks girls!