Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kitchen Floor - Almost Done!!

Okay, I would love to find the person who laid this laminate floor 50 years ago or whatever and smear bubblegum in their hair. Not really, there's nothing worse than bubblegum in your hair, except maybe cutback adhesive.

So here are a couple of pictures from last night

I'm almost done!! I am actually farther along now than I was when I took the pictures.

If I say I've been working on this for two weeks, then it seems hardly worth it. But seriously, I've only been working on it a few hours a night for two weeks. I figure it should take me about 3 hours to finish tonight and when I do, that will total about 24 hours total work time on that. That's nearly 300 sq foot of floor though.

If you have cutback laminate you would like to get rid of and save the wood flooring underneath, this is work, not hard work, but tedious work. But to me, oh, so worth it! I mean just look at that wood!!! Plus, I only spent maybe $150 on the rental, compared to the $500 (at least) that I would have had to spend on new flooring.

I will take pictures of the floor when I'm done scraping it. Then I will take pictures of the refinishing process if I can. You can do this, seriously, if I can do this, anyone can. Save the money, save the wood, its so beautiful!!

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them. If you try this, please leave me some comments!!!


Becky Dietz said...

Good job!

Sandi C said...

I feel your pain sister~ I am pulling hard wood flooring from concrete- I rented a machine that I used ALL day Saturdy and I have the bruises to prove it and now I am having to apply adhesve stripper to get the glue up~ If I could find that guy he he. I'll pray for your project and you can pray for mine!!!

Kaci Lusk said...

WHY??? Why are you removing the wood floor? Crazy woman! Missed you guys last night, was planning on being there, had to run to White Deer instead, that was fun (sarcasm). Some of our college kids are coming next week. YAY!

Should be done with the floors tonight and Vaughn will sand this weekend.

Thanks for reading my blog!