Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Made Christmas - Military Purses

Okay, for today's episode of Home Made Christmas, I had to start with my little sister. My next post will be something you can make yourself at home.

My sister is a soldier's wife and she is so darn talented. When her husband went to Iraq, she started making purses for herself and her daughters out of his uniforms. Ultimately, this turned into purses for other wives and now even more items, such as keychains, stockings and diaper bags.

She makes all of the orders from her personal sewing machine in her home, surrounded by her four children. You can visit her site and check out her ACU and BDU purses, diaper bags and more.
This is a picture of just one of the many purses she has made to order. I got mine for Christmas last year and I love it!! If you know a military wife, this would be a great gift idea this year!!

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