Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Headboard Mantle

Update: I didn't tell my husband that I was building this mantle. I did it while he was out of town and he found it when he came home. HE LOVED IT! He said that it really finished off that headboard. Leave comments & let me know if you try it.

Some of you remember this headboard I made for my bed:

Well, I felt like it needed something, so I added this little mantle on the top:
Please don't pay attention to the fact that the gorgeous picture above the bed is badly uncentered, it will be fixed soon. If you love that photo as much as I do, visit my friend's etsy store, its her wonderful artwork.

It was real easy, I used the following products from
Focal Point:

I just followed the instructions on the packages and then added a 1x4 on top. Voila, mini mantle to top off the DIY Headboard. I'll set some flowers and candles on top and add a sweet romantic touch to my bedroom.

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