Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Date Night at the Fair

I have a confession to make. Before Friday night, I had never ridden a grown up ferris wheel. I've ridden a kiddie ferris wheel but that doesn't count. When I told Vaughn on Friday that I had never been on a ferris wheel before, he had to fix that.

Here we are

Awwwwwww, aren't we cute??? I am just so madly in love with this man. We'll be married two years in a couple of months!

Check out this awesome view of the sunset from the top. (Sorry about the protective plastic thing. I guess that's supposed to keep people from hangin over the edge.)

The two bright lights interrupting that gorgeous Texas sunset are lights from Dick Bivins Stadium. Palo Duro High School was having their homecoming.

Then, on our left there was a storm building, I got this picture from the top too.

My first ride on a ferris wheel was wonderful and romantic. We had an awesome night at the fair. We went to the rodeo, saw a bullrider ride a Category 5 bull who had not been ridden ever in five years. We saw Jeff Bates, Trent Willman and Mark Wills in concert, where my sweet man held me and sang sweet songs into my ear. It was so wonderful, like the rest of the world just faded away and we were all that existed.

Whether you've been married 2 days or 20 years, don't leave out date night. It's very important. Make sure to make time for the one you promised your life to.

Have a great rest of the week. If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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