Monday, August 24, 2009


Last night I had a battle with insomnia. Insomnia does not visit me often and is definately NOT my friend. You see, I didn't wear my glasses to church yesterday. I HATE my glasses and am waiting for the chance to go to the eye dr because I need a new exam before I can order new contacts and, well that's just not always easy to make happen. But anyway, I didn't wear my glasses to church yesterday, so I got an eye strain headache. I still have it, but that's neither here nor there. Because of this terrible headache, I could not sleep last night, so I laid there till at least 3 a.m. and figured out my bathroom.

For my bathroom, I am going to need some of these

These, my friends, are curtain grommets. The ones pictured are brushed silver, I need "shiny" silver. What do you call that? Just silver, "not" brushed silver, I don't know, I just need them to be shiny so they match my fixtures.

The only bad thing, I live in a very tiny Texas town whose only place for stuff like that is the Wal-Marts...and the Wal-Marts here only carries bronze and black grommets. How dare they???

So, to those of my wonderful friends who live in Amarillo or will be going to Amarillo to the Hobby Lobby, Joanne's, Michaels or one of Ama's fine quilting stores...please be on the lookout nd let me know if they have any silver grommets?? That way next time I run to the big city (anyone from Amarillo is laughing that I just called it that) I know where to go to get them.

I have also decided on what to do with the monogrammming on the towels!! Aren't you happy? Have a wonderful day!

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