Thursday, August 27, 2009

Citristrip Tip

You know these fun little capsule things you put in water and you and up with a nice little foam toy?

Well, let's just say that that's what happens if you try to use a foam brush to apply Citristrip. I tried it, learn from my mistake. Its probably very caustic, I probably inhaled something that will have its own lawyer commercial in 15 years...but anyway, I'm okay, it just wasn't fun watching my brush expand and then turn into goo.

Finally an update on the door trim project. I used another application of Citristrip last night and got all the remaining stain and caulk off. I now have bare wood that I can stain to match my cabinets, I am very pleased!

If you're just reading Kaci's Rambling's for the first time and looking for more information on how well Citristrip works, click Citristrip in the label column on the left and you will pull up both this post and my first one on how the Citristrip worked in my home, along with pictures. And one more thing, thanks so much for stopping by!

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