Monday, July 13, 2009

My First How To

Okay friends, as promised, here are the instructions as to how to turn an old coffee table into a bed bench. A bed bench is that little bench you see at the foot of the bed. A great place to put your shoes on in the morning, set your pj's, or just for a nice decoration if your don't have or want a foot board.

Since this is my first "How To", I hope you will pardon the fact that I forgot to photograph a few steps. Please forgive me? Forgiven? Okay, thanks, we can move on.

Start with an old, wooden coffee table. I got this one at a perpetual garage sale here in Borger. You can find some great stuff there...and CHEAP! I got this table for $2!!

Just be sure when you buy your table that it is sturdy enough to sit on. Don't get one of those cheap-o particle board things, your don't want your dear husband to sit on it early one morning and end up on the floor.

First thing you do is sand the table down. (First forgotten picture.)I sanded this table down so very much that I could have just stained the top of it. What's even better than that? I sanded the top. The top! Yeah, wasted time. We're putting fabric on the top. Duh! (Don't tell my kids I said duh, I get onto them every day for "duh-ing" each other.)

Then you take the top off of the table and set it aside for later:

Paint the legs and base (all the parts that are going to show):

Then you take some Super 77 (wonderful stuff and spray generously onto your table top)

And stick 2" foam to the top of your table. You can cut the foam before or after, its up to you.

Several missing pictures here. Sorry.

Lay your fabric centered on the top of the foam and fold edges under and staple to the bottom of your table. I just used a handheld arrow stapler with 3/4" staples. Keep it neat and tight as you do this. If you not like me (trying to surprise someone) get someone to help you hold the material tight.

Then attach the top back onto the bottom and VOILA!

You have a wonderful new bed bench!


Becky Dietz said...

Don't you LOVE that perpetual garage sale? Good job, Kaci!

Elizabeth said...

I am going to the perpetual garage sale today! I am looking for a bicycle. Anna got one for her birthday and I want one so we can go biking together.

By the way, the support group for caregivers (http// is awesome. I finally got one and the messages were so encouraging. Just what I needed!!

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful!!!! I'm most impressed. And feel then need to come check out this perpetual garage sale.

Kaci Lusk said...

It's very cool. When we get the house finished and you come for my party (or if you choose to just come visit me) I will take you to see it!! They usually have something I just can't live without.

zarafa said...

now i wish i lived closer to you to take advantage of this perpetual garage sale!! love the bench.