Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here it is friends, this is a picture of the temperature reading in my car at lunch! 107 DEGREES!

When I checked weather extremes, Borger, TX was the hottest place in the United States at 12:00 pm Central Time, right behind us was Laredo at 105 degrees! It's hot, there's no denying it.

Just remember, there are people in your community, no matter where you live, with no air conditioning. If you have a fan, window unit or air conditioner that you are not using, there are places to donate them. If you don't know where those places are, call your local United Way (211 on most phones) or a local church, they can help you(in Borger, call Living Water; in Amarillo call KVII, they always do a fan drive). If you don't have something to give, donate whatever you can afford and specify that you would like it to help purchase an air conditioner for someone who can't afford one.

As you sit in the cool air, remember those who are without. Pray for them and do whatever you can to help!

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Elizabeth said...

Such wonderful advice Kaci!