Wednesday, January 7, 2009

365: 1/7

Okay, so today was day three of TLD and I am just loving this so much! The idea today was to buy something for your spouse that showed them you were thinking of them.

I could have gone with the old standby and gotten Vaughn a card. I thought about that, I really did. But then I thought, "Kaci, you retard, you do that all the time. He looks at the card, absolutely loves it, then it goes in the scrapbook bag. What can you do that will be a continual reminder that you thought of him today??" Seriously, folks, I swear all my creative thoughts collectively shouted "RETREAT" and I was left standing, alone and lost.

EUREKA!! Suddenly it came to me. My poor, sweet man has been sleeping on a flat pillow for a while now. He punches and folds and fluffs and never gets comfy. Praise Jesus! I had an idea. A new pillow. A new pillow would help him sleep better, make our bed look nicer, and remind him every single night (until this one goes flat) that I was thinking of him today.

More greatness, my sweet man had a similar idea. He bought me a candle holder for the new house. It will go great with the decor and every time I place a candle in it, I will think of him and know that he thought of me today. He always finds a way to bring light into my life...even in the darkest hours.

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