Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost There!

Okay folks, with only three weeks to go until my first anniversary, I just wanted to share a little about my guy. Vaughn is my best friend. He is my confidant. He is my spiritual leader. He isn't everything I ever wanted in a man...he's so very much more! I am so much more than blessed to be sharing my life with him.

If you don't know Vaughn, you're completely missing out. This man would die for his friends. He is a friend that is true to the very end. The only way he knows how to love is with his whole heart. Its all or nothing with him and he gives everything he's got and he tells it how it is. If you're about to do something and the only way to save you from it is to hurt your feelings, he won't back down. He tells the truth and never sugar coats it.

Vaughn is so smart and so kind. Sometimes people think his words are harsh, but in all truth, he never speaks except out of love. This man just loves the Lord with all his heart, and that means so very much to me. When Vaughn says, "I love you" I know that its not just words. This man made a conscious choice to love me for the rest of my life...not just until he changes his mind. He takes his promise to me and to God seriously and when he said "forsaking all others," he meant it. He beleives the Lord when He said that we are "One flesh" and does his best to make sure I know it.

I have never been happier in my life. This man loves my children as if they were his own & they love him. I could go on and on about my Vaughn, I could tell you how wonderful he is forever. But I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it already. If you can't tell by now, though, I'll tell ya this...I love Vaughn Ray Lusk and I love being his wife!

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